What to Expect

What to Expect

Are you considering visiting Suburban and wondering what to expect? Great!

We understand that visiting a new church can be stressful, so we are here to help by sharing our core values, and also answering several commonly asked questions.

Our goal is to make sure that you are seen, known, and loved. And in an effort to make sure that happens, we will do our best to greet you when you arrive. We have guest parking, but feel free to park anywhere. We will also greet you at the door, introduce ourselves, and get you pointed in the right direction.

We know you have lots of questions about what happens when you walk through the door, so we will attempt to answer them.


What do I need to wear?

  • We are a "come as you are" kind of church.
  • If you feel comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, that's fine. If you want to wear a suit and tie, that's ok as well. Most Sundays our Pastor wears jeans and tennis shoes.
  • So be comfortable, relax, and know we are focused on helping you follow Jesus, and not on what you are wearing.

Are there things for my kids?

  • We have a KidMin and Student Ministry where your children and students will be taught in age appropriate groups, using tools that connect with their generation.
  • We have groups for all ages at 10:00am.
  • We have a cry room available for new moms as well.

What kind of music do you play?

  • We have a contemporary service, but you will hear music from all ages. We might sing a new song you just heard on the radio, and follow that up with an old hymn that you grew up listening to as well.
  • We want to make sure we honor God in our worship, so we are less focused on what we are singing, and more focused on recognizing what God has done for us through Jesus.
  • We also want you to know you can worship as you are led. If raising hands is your thing, you won't be alone. If you are quiet and contemplative during worship, that's ok as well.

Do I have to give?

  • Nope! We want you to worship without thinking about anything like that.
  • We rarely talk about giving in church. The people who are committed to Suburban Christian Church regularly support the work we do in our community through tithes and offerings, but you are under no expectation to give unless you feel led to do so.

What is the atmosphere like?

  • We have coffee and water in the lobby, so fill a cup or grab a bottle and have a conversation with someone. If that is not your thing, head on in to the auditorium.
  • Our service begins at 11:00am and typically lasts about an hour.