The Suburban Christian church exists to, Exalt God, Evangelize the Lost and Equip Christians for Service.

This simple little statement explains fully our purpose and reason for existence. First and foremost, we are placed here on this planet to love God. God's longing for a relationship with you is seen in the first chapters of the Bible. God created mankind for fellowship with himself. God walk with man in harmony until that faithful day. It broke God heart to see sin in his prized creation. His continues longing for a restored relationship is seen in the sacrifice he was willing to make to pay for our sins. God loves us and we are created to love him.

Loving God is expressed in a variety of different ways. The best way to love him is to have a heart that mirrors God's heart. The first concern of God is restoring the lost back to himself. 

Serving others is central to our call as Christians. Having God's creation restored back to him through his Son, Jesus Christ is his greatest desire.  This is not an easy task. Each follower must be equipped to work toward God's goal.

Growing together is necessary if we are to accomplish Gods call on our lives. There is no such thing as a lone ranger Christian. We need each other for support and encouragement to grow into what God has called us to be.


Suburban Christian Church is not there yet, but we are getting closer day by day. Who are we? We are a body of imperfect people doing our best to love a perfect God, serve his wayward creation and grow into his holy likness.