Changed by God to Change the World, One Step at a Time

The Suburban Christian Church has been a witness for Jesus Christ for over 80 years in the exit 10 area midway between Abingdon and Bristol, Virginia. We have a long history of serving the community and sharing the love of Jesus Christ to the world around us.

We believe the church—a singular, universal entity—was established by Jesus with the empowerment of his Spirit on the day of Pentecost (Acts 1:7-8 & 2:1-4) and we are a small part of God’s bigger picture. God’s plan for his church is nothing less than to change the world. It is through the church people find hope for an eternal home with God, healing from the suffering and hardship that comes from the consequences of sin, and the help each person needs to face the trials of life on earth.

As a small part of God’s larger church, we share the same calling: to change the world. This is our purpose and calling from God—to change the world. God’s enemy, Satan, is amazingly efficient at deception resulting in untold damage to human lives. It’s the mission of the church is to change the world by holding out the truth of genuine peace and contentment only being found in Jesus Christ.

Changing the world cannot happen unless we are first changed by God. It is essential for God’s Spirit to enter a person’s life for God to transform people into his instruments for world change. We cannot change the world until we are first changed by him allowing him to use us for his purposes.

  • We change the world with the message of faith in Jesus Christ.
  • We change the world by showing compassion to those were hurting.
  • We change the world by offering a drink of water to the thirsty and food to the hungry.
  • We change the world one conversation at time, one act of compassion at a time, one day at a time.

The Suburban Christian Church is a place committed to changing the world by people who were changed by God, one step at a time.